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// Blog Analyses//

This blog site proves to show how generalised and censored our mainstream media is, as it portrays many life stories that are very tongue in cheek, and confronting.  ’My Father, the bank robber’ by Deni Bechard illustrates a boy’s vision of his father during his younger years. The descriptive work of Bechard’s father pulls at the reader’s heart strings as he reinforces negativity and sadness throughout his blog. The overall depiction of Bechard’s father shows even though he proved to be an unconventional father, he still tried to get life right, even if every time it followed the wrong path.

Hello Magazine:

From rumours to somewhat fact, Hello magazine online hold many profiles for the rich and famous. As much of it is based on public facts, the rest is filled with gossip and possibilities. The article ‘The Duchess of Cambridge (nee Kate Middleton)’ Displays a formal sense of who she was before the media attention, and what she has become since her limelight. The main headline draws your attention to the newest public fact; that she is bearing her first child. Hello’s writing is no formal biography, but it does provide a layman with the main background information of an individual.

Both these blogs have influences how I chose to create and structure my profile on Theo. Through reading a few celebrity profiles, I preferred the informal third-person approach as it allowed my to express Theo more vividly. To me this approach allows the reader to feel they are in the room, and a part of the conversation taking place between the interviewer and Theo.

// This is Theo.//


this is Mister Theo Patogiannis.

To describe Theo in the simplest of terms, one might say he is illuminated. It is hard to say if it is his constant need encourage others to feel relaxed through his humour, or if it comes from his contagious smile.

Theo’s dark eyes and hair display his European background, and his language and behaviour displays his unique generational quirks; the euro-australian generation who could really not belong back where they originated from, and cannot truly call themselves Australian.

Theo’s family life is like many others, very ordinary with only a few minor dramatic scenes. His sister always knew how to entertain him as a child, which has now led to his playful behaviour. His parents, who stuck to tradition, taught Theo the morals and rights of life, and what his life will entail. His girlfriend is blessed to be with someone who has so many ambitions in his future. After being together for such a long time, the couple prove to belong to each other and compliment the other’s weaknesses.

Even though Theo started his working life at a local Bi-Lo supermarket, his business career is bound to take off within the next 12 months with all his crazy ideas, creativity and high hopes. Always being the joker, Theo knew how to turn a boring night shift into something ridiculously memorable. From sneaking slices of salami in for dinner to ‘accidentally’ breaking the Tim Tams, He always wanted to share and make sure his got his money’s worth.

Being a comical person, Theo drives on living a free life, and doing ‘whatever the Fonz would do’.

It is interesting to watch Theo go through his everyday life. In the morning he always has a tired face, still covered slightly with fluff from his pillow. Not much is said by Theo during the first hour or so, only glances and nodding occurs until he has warmed up to the idea of being at university. By 11am, He is full of energy and determination…to find food and not knowledge. By this time of the day Theo’s eyes are wide and he is full of conversation. It is actually quite hard to have a conversation with him, as he loves to talk and express himself, not leaving enough time for the other person to respond to the initial question. As the afternoon continues, his conversations will somehow revolve around what the weekend has planned for him, how he will get there, who will join him, and how disappointed he is that you are not going. Somehow many of Theo’s conversations are hypothetical situations, and rarely are true fact. But this kind of behaviour is what makes people love him, as it is so intriguing to listen to.

On a serious note, Theo has a heart of gold under his cheeky personality, and truly cares for his small and close group of friends and family. He thrives in his ethnicity and traditions, yet always has a sharp eye on his present and future. Although Theo does not think of himself as an adult yet, he proves that he is smarter than the average 22 year old, and has gained so much maturity and moral over the years.

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